Light into your home

The uniqueness

What is a skylight?

Tubus skylights are special tubular systems that optically connects the outdoor environment with the interior.
This method allows to have daylight even in places where it would otherwise be lit electrically.

Light transmission

Light transmission is made  thanks to the systematical arrangement of the various parts of the skylights.

Light transmission is realized due to multiple reflections of sunlight inside of light pipe system through a systematic arrangement of individual parts.

The skylight system is composed of three parts

Ceiling diffuser of skylight SUNIZER can be formed by

The function of the skylight

Why the Sunizer skylight?

Technical description

Description of basic sets

Set for the flat roof
(lenght of the set 0,7 m)
with corner diffuser
whit round diffuser

1  Polygonal dome, Base, 3  Pipe 200 mm, 4  Pipe 415 mm, 5  Diffuser´s body,  6  Decorative glass
Set for the pitched roof
with corner diffuser
with round diffuser

2  Base, 3  Pipe 200 mm, 4  Pipe 415 mm, 5  Diffuser´s body,  6  Decorative glass, 7  Joint 30


Accessories for skylight

Extension tubes for skylight 

SUNIZER™ pipeline is composed of a solid, smooth and extremely shiny surface with a layer of super reflexive layer 99.98% of technical silver specially steamed in vacuum at AL sheet with high reflectance of 98%. The advantage is the large selection of extension parts.

Pipeline is available in these lengths 415 mm, 620 mm, 1250 mm

Night LED lighting 

Fibre optics SUNIZER can be supplied with a most modern system of LEDs with high performance and low power consumption. The standard color is supplied LED cool white. Shade of LED diode system can be adapted to customer´s wish. LED lighting is very attractive and carries a big design plus.
Lighting LED SQUARE – s inserted into square ceiling light diffuser.
LED bulb - is inserted light into circular and square ceiling diffusers.


THERMIZER is a thermal-insulating  element which is ideal for use in low-energy and passive houses. With the use of this element passive houses´s requirements for skylights are full filled and ensures negligible heat loss. At the same time, this element is airtight, vapor barrier and meets Blowdoor test without problems.
Technical information:
Ug = 0,6 W/(m2.K)
Insulating Glass: triple 4 – 16 – 4 – 16 – 4
Fill: Argon

Adjustable joints

The joint is flexible connection between two contact surfaces of skylight´s pipeline.Thanks to easily adjustable angle of the joint is achieved easy installation of skylights SUNIZER into pitched roofs. Joints are available in two types with possibility of setting angles
0 – 30°, 0 – 45°


Circular dim out flap BLACKIZER with electrical motor is used to close or regulate the flow of natural light going in the pipe.Height of the flap is 620 mm.

Wireless Remote Control

Wallizer- wall Remote Control

Handizer – hand  Remote Control

Compact remote controls contain 4 buttons for 4 separate electrical equipment or 4 independent groups of electrical equipment: e.g. LED night lighting or darkening flap BLACKIZER.
With radio technology with a range of 100 to 300 meters in open area can be installed anywhere according to your needs such as walls, furniture or keys.


SUNIZER PYRO is a fireproof tubus skylights with increased fire resistance, used in the construction of interiors in buildings with prescribed increased fire resistance. By installing the SUNIZER PYRO fire-resistant skylight, we increase the building's construction durability by up to 30 minutes. PYRO installation into the tube - the assembly is designed to the Sunizer tubus skylight -  the set location is in the place of fire plane intersecting the skylight.

PYRO into ceiling

- the kit is for square ceiling diffusers only

- location of the assembly at the firepower ceiling

PYRO into tubus

- the kit is designed for the Sunizer tubus skylight

- placement of the kit at the location of the fire level intersecting the skylight


Superglass dome

Convex dome made of extra clear glass SOLAR GLASS is able to withstand much better the bad weather conditions. It can elegantly overcome hail, vandalism, natural disasters, etc. The dome is multi-layer with a special interposed filter that absorbs UV radiation and makes it almost imprectable.

Ceiling diffusers

Round or square shape

SUNIZER SQUARE - skylight with square diffusor
SUNIZER ROUND - skylight with round diffusor

SUNIZER may be square as well as with circular diffuser. One of the main rolein the selection of the shape of the diffuser for skylight SUNIZER in most cases  plays  the interior design of the house. SUNIZER must fit perfectly into the interior.

Ceiling diffusers appearance



Decorative ceiling diffusers covers

Ceiling diffusers must ensure a high light transmittance, and its dispersion into space. It is therefore very important a type of decorative diffuser. These covers are different in appearance but also in function. 

Decorative ceiling diffuser covers




Color variations of frames

SUNIZER may contain many small accessories such as decorative frames of diffuser. As a result there is a countless options. SUNIZER can complement the interior design to its functional and aesthetic perfection.

Material of decorative frames

Plastic frames, aluminum frames, stainless steel chromed frames

The proposal of the light Sunizer

Types of skylights

Type of the light Pipe diameter (mm) Circular diffuser Size (mm) Square diffuser Size (mm) Radius lighting (mm)
SZ 230 230 Ø 400 400 x 400 1,0
SZ 330 330 Ø 400 400 x 400 1,5
SZ 430 430 Ø 600 600 x 600 2,0
SZ 530 530 Ø 600 600 x 600 2,5
SZ 730 730 - 800 x 800 3,5

Size of the building opening is 5 mm larger than the size of the ceiling diffuser.

Sunizer is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs.

For both types of roof structures are adapted the roof bases, which are compatible with all common roofing systems and connections. This fact proves their easy installation.

With many years of experience with fiber optics is the company ABC Ltd. able to design, equip and stylishly arrangedaylight into a production halls, representative area and all kind of family houses.

To SUNIZER was able to illuminate any space, is produced in five versions of the pipeline diameters

( Ø 230, 330, 430, 530, 730 mm )

Suitable location

Thermal insulationcharacteristic

Thermal insulationcharacteristics

Conventional skylight without thermal insulation elements U = 2,00 W/m2K
SUNIZER with heat-insulating double in the ceiling diffuser
(standard skylights SUNIZER)
U = 1,00 W/m2K
including the effect of stocking*
SUNIZER with heat-insulating triple in the ceiling diffuser U = 0,77 W/m2K
including the effect of stocking*
SUNIZER with heat insulation element THERMIZER U = 0,53 W/m2K
including the effect of stocking*

* These values were obtained by demanding tests in a test laboratory for doors and windows, building thermal technology and acoustics no. 1007.1 CS Praha, a.s., workplace Zlín. The aim of the test was to determine the thermal transmittance according to EN ISO 12567-2,, Thermal performance of windows and doors - Determination of thermal transmittance by hot box method - Part 2: Roof windows and other projecting windows ".

Sufficient heat-insulating properties of the skylight reduces heat loss from the building which provides a guarantee of a pleasant environment.


The skylight SUNIZER eliminates condensation of several system solutions

  1. Vapor ceiling diffusers.
  2. Vapor of all connections.
  3. Thermal insulation around the whole skylight system.
  4. To ensure optimum thermal insulation parameters of the house is suitable install a heat-insulating unit inserted in the ceiling diffuser. The glasses are deeply inserted in the ceiling diffuser, closer to thermal insulating plane structure, which leads to elimination of the thermal bridge.
  5. To ensure thermal insulation parameters of low-energy house is suitable for the installation of the heat-insulating triple inserted into the ceiling diffuser. The glasses are deeply inserted in the ceiling diffuser, closer thermal insulating plane structures, which leads to eliminate the thermal bridge.
  6. To ensure thermal insulation parameters of a passive house is suitable for the installation of a heat-insulating element THERMIZER with integrated tripleglass. Use of this application will be met requirements for passive houses what will ensured negligible heat loss. At the same time the element is airtight and vapor proof, thus eliminating the risk of condensation and seamlessly meet Blowdoor test.

In the skylight can  not get any water vapor. By their penetration into the skylight and the subsequent contact with the cold dome could cause condensation. The main emphasis during the installation of the skylight is put on vapor ceiling diffuser. When installing individual components of the skylight must be perfectly taped all joints. In addition, after relabelling of all joints is also put the insulation around thewhole skylight tube.

Examples of applications

Variations of installations

SUNIZER can be installed in various ways. It can be variously incline, wrap or extend to any length. It can be installed in different types of roofs, different types of coverings and ceilings of various designs.

SUNIZER´s CAD details can be delivered on demand.You van also ask for a consultation with our construction specialist and solve all  details exactly for  your specific case.

Examples of applications


We are interesting how it is with the use of skylights in public buildings (offices, kindergartens), where there is not sufficient daylight?
Daily indoor lighting is proposed with regard to the user and its assumed visual aktivity. The room must have adequate lighting to make everybody to felt comfortable. Norm CSN 73 0580 DAYLIGHT OF BUILDINGS determines these classes of visual activities and requirement for the amount of daylight. Fibre optics are added to the building to increase the level of lighting so that the building meets the requirements of ČSN and was possible its approval. The light output of the skylight is included in the composite building lighting.
Is it possible to use a skylight into a low-energy and passive house?
Thanks to its thermal insulation element THERMIZER can skylight SUNIZER be installed into each passive or low energy house. Thermal transmittance of the skylight SUNIZER with insulating liner THERMIZER including the effect of casting makes Usun = 0.534 W / m2K. Use of this application  can be met passive houses requirements and ensure negligible heat loss. Simultaneously, this element is airtight and vapor. It meets Blowdoor test without problems. Thermal-insulating parameters of the skylights depends primarily on thermal insulation parameters of useddouble or triple glass inserted into the skylight body.
How is it possible that the prices of skylights from different suppliers are so strikingly different?
It is true that the skylight of a nearly identical diammeter can be purchased for CZK 10 000, but also for 30 000 CZK. At the cost of the skylight affects mainly the quality of the used material. Sunizer is distinguished by its unique optical system and also by the price which is affordable for everyone.
Can Sunizer shine even in the evening, when the sun is not shining?
It is no problem when using the most advanced system of LEDs diods around the perimeter of the ceiling diffuser for SUNIZER. This LED lighting with high performance and low power consumption can easily replace conventional ceiling lights. Furthermore, in combination with LED Fresnel lenses Sunizer can create excellent design element.
Is it possible to get SUNIZER  in other color than in white standard?
If you do not like the classic white frame design of ceiling diffuser and you would  prefere diffuser which will go to your furniture, tiles, paving or the colorful decoration of your room, we will be placed to produce a diffuser in a color according your wish . Among the most desirable colorsof frame is silver and gold.
We  would be pleased  if we could choose from several options shaped ceiling diffusers.
This is also possible. SUNIZER can have circular as well as square diffuser. One of the main roles in the selection of the shape of the light diffuser ceiling SUNIZER  plays  the design of your interior. 
Is SUNIZER a conventional skylight?
SUNIZER does not want to be labeled as aclassic conventional skylight, and therefore has a ceiling diffuser equipped with optical Fresnel lenses. These lenses are designed to evenly pulverize daylight into the room while also adding significant  designer look of Sunizer.
We are wondering about the installation of the skylight in the bedroom or living room but we are aware that due to its effects  sleeping or  watching TV will not be comfortable?
You do not have to be aware at all!  If you do want to place to these rooms skylight SUNIZER you certainly will choose blackout flap BLACKIZER. This circular blackout BLACKIZER is used to close or control the flow of natural light flowing into your room.  The flap can be shut down whenever.
What is the solution for  installation of skylights in buildings with prescribed fire resistance?
SUNIZER  in version PYRO is the skylight with a fire resistance up to 30 minutes, which is used in interior construction in buildings with a prescribed increased fire resistance.
Can be SUNIZER skylight installed on every type of roof?
Yes, the skylight can be installed on pitched and flat roofs. For Sunizer is base  divided into two basic types. One for  flat roofs and the other base visually similar to roof window for pitched roofs. From a distance SUNIZER´S base is not recognizable from the roofwindow. 
In what areas can be skylight SUNIZER placed?
The use of Sunizer is very wide. They can be put into existing houses, new buildings, as well as administrative or industrial buildings. The possibility how to use Sunizer is countless, the most common are: corridors, stairwells, bathrooms, offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities etc.
Do I handle assembly of the light SUNIZER yourself?
Yes. If you have the expertise and you will follow the basic procedures mentioned in the intallation manual, skylight can be in a few hours installed into the building. The light guide is like a kit, parts fit together properly.
Can be SUNIZER skylight installed intothe house additionally, or must be installed during construction?
SUNIZER can be freely installed in both new buildings during construction, same as into older buildings eg. during its reconstruction. For an accurate proposal or recommendation of the correct type of skylight is advisable to contact our technician.

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